My Account Re-Architecture

The XFINITY My Account team at Comcast sought to improve the customer experience for approximately 11 million monthly customers across all age ranges and demographics, from a first-time user to someone who's been a customer for 20 years.

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We relied on usability research, A/B testing, research studies with relevant applications for our site – before, after, and during the project – and usability testing. We committed to the following core principles: unified cross-channel experience, instant and frictionless access, empower the customer, be proactive and know the customer, and emphasize transparency.


  • Nimble design approach, leveraging principles of lean design
  • Collaboration between UX, product, development, customer experience, accessibility, and quality assurance teams
  • Use of high fidelity wireframe patterns, allowing the teams to move quickly and digest feedback rapidly
  • Full site audit, from first to last page
  • Executive support and sponsorship from senior leadership


We created a new end-to-end experience with the customer journey in mind, deconstructing and rebuilding a site from the ground up. In order to design this new ecosystem for the customer, we performed a site audit of every page and reshaped the overall site structure and navigation. There's no longer only one entry point, but two or three for every customer need. Now customers are able to find what they want more quickly so they can get back to what matters to them.


New Features

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Billing was an area of frustration, with customers getting lost in the page layout trying to find out what they owed, total charges, amounts paid, and balances due. We presented bill details up front, which reduced call-in volume and yielded an increase in site engagement.

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One of our new features consisted of proactive alerts for billing, services, content or outages. These "next best actions" were recommendations for customers to better improve their relationship and services with us. The result was an increase in account profile completion and enrollment in other site features.

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Editing WiFi network name and password was a pain point, with customers confused about the difference between their username and network name. We presented WiFi details up front, making entryway into that management experience all the more easier.






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Allow customers to schedule their appointments online


Guide customers through troubleshooting and repair


Proactive alerts for billing, services, content, and outages


A wide range of personalization features

Customer Feedback

"The new site is slick, clean and easy to read. Navigation and finding information seems intuitive."
"The new site is EXTREMELY easy and VERY pleasant! Thank you!"
"I found helpful information I didn't know was available on the site."
"New site is easy to navigate. Glad to be able to schedule multiple payments on my accounts."