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We created xFi for everyone who wants to take control over something they feel they never truly understood: WiFi. We designed it in a way that was friendly and inviting, creating playful avatars to present a human-centric point of view, rather than a technology-centric one. Our goal was to humanize something that was previously invisible, confusing, and laden with tech jargon.

The Team

Thomas Loretan, SVP

Robb Degidio, VP

Steven Leardi, CD

Angela Amato, ACD

Peter Simon, UX

Marcus Loechner, Principal XD Dev

Lily Jen, UX

David Cline, Reasearch

Alexis Calabrese, Copy Writer

Cristobal Oltra, Sr. Designer

Jason Silverman, Sr. UX

Lily Cho, Sr. UX

Hilary Beck, Frontend Dev

Henry Dickson, Frontend Dev

Lee Sargent, Frontend Dev

Brendan Rohan, UX

Geoffrey Zabell, PM

Christopher Taylor, Sr. Designer

Keith Rangnow, UX

Yoonji Lee, Designer

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